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Herbal Health Sanjivani is now available on Health Kart.
Just click here to Buy or Call us Directly at 9818277432

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   Over a month ago

Clean Arteries With Apple Cider Vinegar - Heart Treatment
Heart disease is a silent killer, sometimes one whose symptoms go unnoticed until it is too late! Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. It affects both men and women of all ages. My mother had a heart attack at the age of 55. Both of her brothers also had heart problems and both ended up having bypass surgeries. After discussing various health topics with my Uncle Ray one night, he challenged me to take better care of my heart that he had. His challenge is what got me to really thinking about heart health and the importance of doing all that we can to take care of our hearts.
I decided I was going to start researching everything I could to find out about the heart. I began studying all kinds of medical literature and reading everything I could find that had to do with heart health. To begin with, I found all the basic stuff about taking care of your heart such as: eating right, maintaining a healthy weight, and exercising. But upon further research I found the results of other researchers by the name of Dr. Linus Pauling and Dr, Matthias Rath. Their discoveries were amazing!
Dangerous Plaque Accumulation & What Causes it
What these two doctors determined is that the accumulation of plaque on the interior lining of the artery, otherwise known as atherosclerosis, is primarily due to mechanical stress. They explained that the arteries are very flexible and also work very hard, opening and closing every time the heart beats. The arteries that are closest to the heart undergo the greatest mechanical stress. Over time, this so-called mechanical stress can cause lesions to occur within the arteries. For healthy people who get the proper nutrients, this is not too big of a deal. The body will actually heal itself. However, for those whose bodies do not have the proper nutrients, this could lead to big problems. Clean Arteries With Apple Cider Vinegar
When a body fails to receive the proper nutrients, it cannot produce a substance called collagen which is necessary to repair the lesions in the arterial lining. Without the presence of collagen, the body will do whatever it can to prevent the artery form leaking. So, it randomly grabs whatever it can find floating around in the blood stream and then forms a patch to cover the lesion. Over time, these patches will get thicker and cause plaque build-up. When someone receives and maintains the proper nutrients, their body can actually reduce and eventually eliminate the formation of plaque build-up.
Sadly enough, many people who think they are getting the proper nutrients because they eat a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains end up having heart disease. The reason for this is because the vegetables and fruits you buy at the grocery store do not have the nutrients they once did due to modern fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Besides determining the cause for heart disease, Dr. Pauling’s research also led to the experiments that showed that heart disease can be controlled by administering the proper nutrients at the proper dosage.
Clean Arteries With Apple Cider Vinegar - Try a Therapy that Works!
Paulings important discoveries prompted me to join with a team of PhDs in nutrition and Douglas Laboratories to produce an amazing nutritional supplement called the Pauling Therapy Essentials Formula. This supplement is filled with all the necessary nutrients to keep arteries healthy, strong, flexible, and virtually plaque-free. If you would like to get the Pauling Therapy Essentials Formula, then you can contact us at 1-800-280-5302. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you have a healthy heart.

or contact HC Arora, Mobile 9818 277 432, email Id

   Over a month ago

   Over a month ago

The medicinal properties and benefits of the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) are well known during the Biblical times and the ancient Egyptians and Hippocrates treated their patients with the ACV. Even Julius Caesar’s army used the ACV to stay medically fit, free of diseases and healthy.

Well known facts are that the Greeks and Romans stored vinegar in vessels for healing and flavouring and the Japanese Samurai warriors consumed the ACV for gaining strength and power.

Added to the ACV are the juices of lemon, garlic and ginger and honey which has become an excellent health supplement for fighting many common ailments.

The above concotion, popularly known as the Herbal Health Supplement / Sanjivani (Sanjivani) was introduced by Mr. H.C. Arora way back on 1.1.2013 and has been in successful use by many ailing and health persons.

Approved by FSSAI, the Sanjivani has received many appreciative gestures from the patients and others alike.

The dosage of the Sanjivani is 15ml (say three teaspoonful) added with 100ml lukewarm water taken first thing in the morning empty stomach and then do not eat or drink anything for the next 60 minutes.

Sanjivani comes in two types i.e.

With Honey
Without Honey - for Diabetes patients

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A natural remedy for Heart Blockage in Delhi.

Now available as: Sanjivani Herbal Health Supplement.

Use every day to keep your heart and health in good condition.

   Over a month ago